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Pre-test items before use of centrifugal spray drying equipment
Nov 05, 2018

In order to make the centrifugal spray drying device play a better role in the use process, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive and detailed inspection before its operation. Includes inspection of centrifugal spray dryer equipment for each bearing and centrifugal sprayer insoluble seals; check all mechanical parts of the spray spray dryer lubricant and water, wind, valve diameter at the desired location.


Also check the centrifugal spray drying equipment accessories to install the sealing material, and then connect it to ensure that there is no hot air drying room; check the centrifugal spray, see the window closed, leak; check the rotation direction is correct, etc., so at least to ensure Centrifugal spray drying equipment is able to operate normally.


On this basis, it is also necessary to check that the outlet of the butterfly valve control valve of the centrifugal spray drying device is open, not the centrifugal fan of the closed valve, otherwise the heater and the intake pipe may be damaged; The direction of rotation of the pump and motor is correct; and the top of the dry and spray helmet cover is also correct.

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