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Operating characteristics and standard design of horizontal boiling dryer
Aug 03, 2018

The air of the horizontal boiling dryer is effectively heated and purified, and is mainly introduced by the induced draft fan from the lower part during the production, effectively passes through the hole mesh plate of the hopper, and forms a fluid state in the working chamber by stirring and negative pressure. After the water is quickly evaporated, the material is quickly dried as the exhaust gas is taken away.

Operating characteristics of horizontal boiling dryer

1. The fluidized bed of the horizontal boiling dryer has a circular structure to avoid dead ends.

2. The horizontal boiling dryer is equipped with agitation in the bed, in order to avoid the formation of ditch in the process of agglomeration of wet materials and drying process.

3. The top bag filter of the whole equipment is antistatic special fiber, which is safe to operate.

4. The horizontal boiling dryer is mainly used for tipping and dip, which is convenient and rapid.

5. Sealed negative pressure operation, designed according to GMP specifications.

6. This machine can also be designed and manufactured automatically according to requirements.

The horizontal boiling dryer is granulated by its powder during operation, so that its fluidity can be effectively improved, thus reducing dust flying, improving its solubility by powder granulation, mixing, granulating and drying in one One-step granulation is completed in the machine; the anti-static filter cloth is used, the equipment is safe to operate, and the pressure relief hole is set. Once the explosion occurs, the equipment personnel are not harmed, the equipment has no dead angle, and the loading and unloading material is light and fast.

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