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Notice of adsorption dryer
Feb 02, 2018

Inlet air oil content should be controlled under 0.01mg/m3; In view of the oil-free air compressor can not be truly oil-free, in order to prevent the accumulation of trace oil in the adsorption bed (this accumulation is very fast), dryer intake to install the oil removal device is necessary;

The adsorption dryer should be used under the rated temperature and pressure condition, when the inlet temperature is higher or the inlet pressure is lower than the rated value, the capacity correction should be carried out.

When the adsorption dryer is used with the piston type air compressor, the pressure-stabilizing gas tank should be set up to eliminate the high speed impact of the pulsating airflow on the adsorbent.

Avoid deliberately "energy saving" and reduce the consumption of angry (including the amount of re-angry and heating power); when there is a "cold dryer front", adsorption dryer and cold dry machine connection, as long as the site permits, should be installed as far as possible, to reduce air pressure drop, improve the ventilation conditions of cold drying machine and facilitate daily maintenance and repair;

When the gas supply is adequate, no heat regeneration dryer should be included in the first choice, and its comprehensive energy consumption will not be higher than the heating regeneration, and its dew point is lower and more stable.

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