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Maintenance, inspection and operation requirements for Pressure Spray Granulation Drying Machine
Jul 07, 2018

If the pressure spray granulation dryer is operated for a long time or is improperly operated, the aggregate will appear inside the equipment, which will directly affect the normal operation of the pressure spray granulation dryer. At this time, it is necessary to stop working for cleaning. .

The pressure spray granulation dryer cleans the aggregate in the drying tower during operation. The cleaning door should be opened during the operation. During the operation, the long broom sweeping funnel can be used to form the aggregate at the bottom. To the extent, open the discharge valve and rinse the tower with tap water. To remove the dust in the cyclone, it is also necessary to open the cyclone, sweep the aggregate with a broom, and rinse with water if necessary.

Pressure Spray Granulation Drying Machine need to be maintained and inspected. To some extent, they need to be supplied to the feeding system. During the operation, the pipes, valves, nozzles, filters, etc. should be inspected effectively. In the case of no clogging, regular cleaning is required to some extent, and the nozzle wear condition is checked for timely replacement.

For the blower granulator, the pressure spray granulator should check whether the shaft and the bearing are short of oil and heat during operation. If there is any vibration or noise during operation, clean the blades and balance the blades if necessary. . For the heater, check whether the heat pipe is normal, and if necessary, clean the filter of the oil pipe, oil pump and grease nipple. In addition, you should also pay attention to whether the motor has heat, vibration, abnormal sound, etc., whether the instrument and electrical appliances of the control cabinet work normally.

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