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Learn more about the characteristics of the line vibration fluidized bed dryer
Nov 14, 2018

It is understood that the application range of line vibration fluidized bed dryer is very wide, whether it is in chemical, light industry or food products, it can fully play its role. Although the line vibration fluidization dryer is used more, there is not much that is really understood.


The vibration source of the line vibration fluidized dryer is driven by a vibration motor, which has the characteristics of stable operation, convenient maintenance, low noise and long service life. At the same time, due to its internal fluidization, no dead space and blow-through phenomenon, it can be obtained. Dry and cool the product evenly.


In addition, the line vibration fluidized bed dryer has better adjustability, and can be adjusted steplessly by adapting the width of the surface, the thickness of the layer and the moving speed in the machine, and the uniform change of the full amplitude. Moreover, the damage to the surface of the material is small, and it can be used for drying the fragile material, and the material particles are irregular, and the working effect is not affected.


The line vibration fluidization dryer adopts a fully enclosed structure, which can effectively prevent the cleaning environment of the empty fork infection between the material and the air. Not only that, the line vibration fluidized dryer has high mechanical efficiency and thermal efficiency, and has good energy saving effect, which can save 30-40% energy compared with the general drying device.

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