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Leading and functional superiority of flat die press granulator
Nov 21, 2018

The flat die press granulator is based on the principle of absorption, digestion and reference to the pellet machine at home and abroad. After repeated experiments and research, it overcomes the high temperature sterilization of bio-organic fertilizer produced by the existing organic fertilizer granulator. The problem of poor graining and difficulty in drying.


The flat die press granulator adopts a pressure roller, and the two ends are consistent with the linear velocity of the inner and outer rings of the die plate, and there is no misalignment friction between the wheel and the die, which reduces the resistance, reduces the kinetic energy loss, and prolongs the service life of the die. Reduced production costs. Moreover, due to the uniform arrangement of the pressure rollers, the operation is stable, and the pressing area is increased, and the production efficiency is improved; in addition, the screw center pressure regulating structure is provided, and the gap of the mold is small and small, and different materials are applied to ensure the pressing effect.


The flat die press granulator uses the shaft to drive the granules without the use of belts. The high-tech technique is used to make the granules without adding any water. At the same time, it also plays a bactericidal role during the operation; it also does not affect the material. the quality of.

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