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Introduction of Drying Characteristics of Rotary Conical Vacuum Dryer
Dec 03, 2018

Rotary Cone Vacuum Dryer In the process of drying the material, after the material enters the inside of the container, the heat is adhered to the inner wall of the container. The dust dedusting device of the mixing dryer is installed at the upper part of the container and the connection of the vacuum nozzle, and can be fed manually or vacuum. The overall structure is simple, maintenance advice, and easy to clean.


At the same time, in the manufacturing process, the internal structure of the rotary cone vacuum dryer is manufactured and processed by advanced technology, especially the inner wall is processed by a special process, which needs to be dried at a lower temperature, and the final moisture content is particularly low.


In the process of drying the material by the rotary cone vacuum dryer, not only the heating is uniform, but also the drying quality is greatly improved, and the energy consumption is reduced. It is easy to control during the operation of the equipment, which is convenient for continuous production and automation. The equipment is small in size, easy to install and maintain, and does not need to occupy a large space. When the material is dried by the rotary cone vacuum dryer, the characteristics of the material itself can be effectively preserved, and the product is safe and hygienic, and has a long shelf life.

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