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Insulation system and heat source device for Pressure Spray Granulation Drying Machine
Jun 08, 2018

Pressure Spray Granulation Drying Machine is a device that can complete drying and granulation at the same time. To a certain extent, the process requirements can adjust the pressure, flow rate, and size of the orifice of the feed pump, so as to obtain the required size ratio. Spherical particles are an indispensable device in many industries.


When operating the pressure spray granulator dryer, the feed liquid will effectively pass through its high pressure input, and spray droplets of mist; then in the process of operation, it will co-currently drop with the hot air, most of the powder is discharged from the bottom of the tower. Collected at the inlet, the exhaust gas and its tiny powder are separated by a cyclone separator, the exhaust gas is discharged by an exhaust fan, and the powder is collected by a collection cylinder located under the cyclone separator. The outlet of the fan can also be equipped with a secondary dust removal device with a recovery rate of 96 %-98%.


It was observed that the material of the part of the pressurized spray granulation dryer that is in contact with the material is mainly made of SUS304. During the manufacturing process, there will be an insulation layer between the inside of the tower body and the shell, and the entire device The filling material is rock wool, and the tower body is provided with an observation door, a sight glass, a light source and a control instrument, which are controlled and displayed by an electric control console.


In addition to a reliable insulation system, the Pressure Spray Granulation Drying Machine has an advanced heat source system. The steam heater can be used to quickly and easily reach the required temperature, and the entire device is compact and hot air clean and clean. When in use, the electric control cabinet will be equipped with a heat source control and adjustment device, so that the temperature of the inlet can be adjusted steplessly, and different heating modes can be provided according to the actual needs of the user.


Because the Pressure Spray Granulation Drying Machine's material liquid will effectively atomize its surface area will be greatly increased, so its drying speed is very fast, and at the same time it can instantly evaporate 95-98% of the water, complete the drying time only It takes from ten seconds to several tens of seconds and is especially suitable for the drying of heat-sensitive materials.


The scope of application of pressure spray granulation drying machine is very wide, and it can be effectively used for hot air drying to a certain extent according to the characteristics of its materials. It can also be granulated with cold air, and has strong adaptability to materials. The operation is simple and stable, the control is convenient, and it is easy to realize automatic operation.

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