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Installation and use of horizontal fluidizing dryer
Aug 20, 2018

With the increasing use of horizontal fluidizing dryer users, everyone is more and more proficient in the operation of the equipment. Firstly, according to the plant and process conditions, the vibrating fluidized bed and the fan, cyclone separator, etc. are pre-buried. The board, the foundation, the reserved hole, etc. work well, the ground must be level, and the foundation must ensure the stability and firmness of the host operation.


Then use the hose to connect the inlet and outlet ports with the inlet and outlet ducts respectively, and install the two vibration motors in parallel at a certain angle, and use the same inverted and forward switch control to open the eccentric block guards of the vibrating motor. Pass the power electric motor and observe the steering of the two motors.


And thoroughly and carefully check whether the fasteners of the horizontal fluidizing dryers are loose, start the no-load operation for 20 minutes, observe whether the equipment is running smoothly, whether there is abnormal vibration or noise; and test whether the current of each phase of the vibration motor is balanced, the motor Whether the temperature rise is within the allowable range.


The horizontal fluidizing dryer is required to operate under micro-negative pressure or negative pressure, and it is sealed, no dust is flying, and the working environment is clean and tidy. Since the over-flow part of the equipment is made of SUS304 material, the structural transition is smooth, and the main unit is equipped with a sanitary-grade quick opening hole and a cleaning drain ball valve, so the cleaning is convenient and the gap can be operated.

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