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Installation and construction of dryer equipment
Feb 02, 2018

According to the technical department of the equipment to draw the layout of the plan and installation of construction drawings, basic drawings, equipment outline size and spacing and other requirements of the line positioning, the organization of the basic construction and equipment handling position. When designing the equipment process plan, the following factors should be considered in the positioning of the equipment.

(1) should be adapted to the needs of the process

(2) should be convenient for the storage of workpiece, transportation and on-site cleaning

(3) The size of the equipment and its accessories, the limit position and safe distance of the moving parts

(4) Should ensure the equipment installation, maintenance, operation Safety Requirements

(5) Plant and equipment work matching, including door width, height, plant span, height, etc.

should be in accordance with the mechanical equipment installation and acceptance of the relevant specifications, do a good job of equipment installation leveling, to ensure the installation of solid, reduce vibration, avoid deformation, ensure processing accuracy, to prevent unreasonable wear. Before the installation to carry out technical disclosure, the organization of construction personnel to seriously learn equipment related technical information, to understand equipment performance and safety to 耱 and construction should be.

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