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Horizontal fluidized bed dryer meets the performance requirements of traditional Chinese medicine production
Apr 27, 2018

Some horizontal fluidized bed dryers are specially designed for the production of traditional Chinese medicines, and in order for them to achieve the desired drying effect, the performance design of the equipment must meet the corresponding requirements. In terms of its drying capacity, it is required that the moisture content of the particles after drying be ≤ 4%; the dry material bulk density is about 0.6; the feed temperature is 18 to 26°C; the discharge temperature falls below 45°C; the inlet air temperature is ≤ 130°C, Exhaust gas temperature ≤ 80 °C.


The horizontal fluidized bed dryer can meet the above requirements by virtue of its unique drying method and functional characteristics, and it can continuously discharge materials continuously. The bed height of the horizontal fluidized bed dryer is about 1400, the height of the feed port is about 1800, the discharge port is higher than 800, and a single-layer square screen can be connected, and the square screen outlet is connected to the vacuum pumping port.


At the same time, the horizontal fluidized bed dryer uses a filter bag to remove dust and replace the top bag. To ensure this, the total height of the installation equipment and the required operating space must not exceed 4.5 meters; the dust collection bag here uses a quick opening and quick mounting structure. Anti-static filter bag is equipped with automatic pulse shaking bag according to setting time; the bag is automatically shaken with compressed air; the connecting pipe must be fast-connected, and the air inlet pipe must be quick-connected.


In addition, the cleaning point should be set within the horizontal fluidized bed dryer. The cleaning door must have a quick opening structure and should not be smaller than 600*400. The number and position of the cleaning doors must be able to use the high pressure nozzle to thoroughly clean the equipment cavity. It is possible to scrub the inside of the device with a rag. And the inner surface of the equipment must meet the cleaning requirements. There must be no blind areas and dead spots that cannot be cleaned. The bottom of the equipment is provided with a cleaning water discharge port, and multiple discharge ports can be set.


It is also necessary to provide electric auxiliary heating for the horizontal fluidized bed dryer to reach a high temperature roasting facility of 130°C, to dry and sterilize the drying section and the cooling section, and to supplement the heat of the drying section when the steam is insufficient, and do not need to use it completely. Electric heating.


In order to have a better effect, high-efficiency filters need to be installed in the rear of the horizontal fluidized bed dryer heaters. The primary, middle and high efficiency filters are made in a modular manner, which facilitates the disassembly, increases the differential pressure display, and sets the alarm device. The air inlet and outlet valves must be pneumatically controlled and have manual functions.

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