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High-speed rotary flash dryer application advantages and low energy consumption
Aug 01, 2018

The high-speed rotary flash dryer has the advantages of simple and reliable equipment and good anti-scaling performance. It is easy to enlarge and operate with a certain degree of flexibility, and effectively utilizes the advantages of low-level heat energy and waste heat. The technology of high-speed rotary flash dryer is advanced. The design is reasonable and the structure is compact. The drying, crushing and screening are completed in one time, the process is reduced, the energy is saved, and there is no environmental pollution. The performance of the whole machine reaches the advanced level at home and abroad.

Application advantages of high speed rotary flash dryer

1. High-speed rotary flash dryer can effectively process the filter cake, paste and other materials, mainly due to its flashing, instantaneous drying, can be used to process heat sensitive materials; there is a stirrer in the drying room At the same time, it is dried in a high-speed air stream to process sticky materials.

2. The high-speed rotary flash dryer has low energy consumption and can dry high solid content materials at higher temperatures during operation, which is lower than other many drying equipments. Compared to the spray drying equipment, the drying capacity is twice that of spray drying and the energy consumption is 1/3 of spray drying.

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