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Granulation process and application of screw extruding granulator
Mar 14, 2018

The screw extruding granulator on the market can be divided into two types, single screw and twin screw. The twin screw is divided into meshing type and separation type. If it is different from the extrusion type, the screw extrusion granulator There are two kinds of front discharge and side discharge. We need to choose screw extrusion granulators with different structural forms according to the nature of materials and granulation requirements.


The working principle of the screw extruding granulator is such that the mixed, kneaded wet material or low softening point material is extruded from the opening of the die plate under the action of the extrusion force generated during the screw conveying process. , forming a strip; after drying or cooling to obtain a short columnar finished product, thus achieving the purpose of changing the powdery product into a uniform granular product.


The particle shape of the product formed by the screw extrusion granulator is cylindrical, and the particle diameter can be adjusted and controlled by the hole diameter of the mold plate. Its natural fracture length depends on the material bond strength, which is generally 1.25-2,0 of the diameter. Times within range. The front extrusion type, which has a special requirement on the length, can use the external cutting method so that a relatively uniform finished particle product can be obtained.


With the s screw extruding granulator, the pulverulent material can complete the granulation process in the wet state, which greatly improves the operating conditions of the granulation and subsequent processes. In addition, through the granulation, the phenomena of agglomeration, bridging, and pulsation, which are prone to occur in powder products, can be avoided, and the secondary pollution brought about by the use of the powder during the use is avoided, so that the physical properties of the product are greatly improved.


With these advantages, the screw extruding granulator can be widely applied to products that need to be granulated, such as rubber additives, food additives, plastic additives, catalysts, pesticides, dyes, pigments, daily chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, so as to truly guarantee product quality.

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