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Grain pulverizer principle and maintenance process
May 04, 2018

Grain crusher is a crushing device that combines crushing and vacuuming. It mainly uses the relative movement between the movable tooth plate and the fixed tooth plate to make the material pulverize through impact, friction and impact between the materials. In addition, the crushed material shall be automatically transferred into the trapping bag by the effect of the rotating centrifugal force. The dust will be collected and recovered by the baghouse.


The whole grain pulverizer is designed according to the GMP standard. It is all made of stainless steel, and no dust is flying in the production process. It can increase the utilization of materials and reduce the cost of the enterprise. Its main performance indicators have reached the international advanced level, so it is applicable. In the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.


In order to prolong the service life of the grain pulverizer, the temperature rise of the bearing must always be checked during the production process to prevent it from exceeding the allowable range; at the same time, when the machine is running, the drive belt of the grain crusher is easy to stretch, and care should be taken to adjust the proper elasticity of the belt. Degree to ensure the working life of the belt.


For the consumables in the cereal crusher, it is necessary to inspect and replace them in a timely manner to ensure the production quality and production volume; similar to the blades, liners and other parts, they must always check the wear; the host and the graded flow bearings are all grease-lubricated. No. 2 special grease 265-295, usually the bearing is 2,000 hours. The filling amount of grease is 1/2 or 3/4 of the space inside the bearing cavity. Do not fill the grease with too much grease. .


It has been proved that the friction force on the screen surface of the grain mill varies with the distance between the material and the screen surface. Therefore, the hammer speed difference between the hammer and the material can be increased by adjusting the clearance of the hammer screen, thereby increasing the efficiency. Always adjust in grain mills.


After the grain crusher has just started working and working for a period of time, the particle composition of the cavity will also change. In order to meet the needs of a certain crusher's production test, certain sieve holes for certain raw materials determine the appropriate hammer screen clearance and suction. Without considering the service life of the sifter and the hammer, high smashing efficiency data can be obtained in a short time.

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