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Good quality and operation requirements of pressure spray congeal dryer
Jul 26, 2018

The pressure spray congeal dryer has a high speed during the drying process, and its surface area is greatly increased after it is atomized, and in the hot air flow, 95-98% of the water can be evaporated instantaneously. The drying time takes only a few ten seconds to several tens of seconds, which is especially suitable for the drying of heat sensitive materials.

The product obtained by the pressure spray cooling dryer is spherical particles with uniform particle size and good fluidity. It has good solubility when used, and the product has high purity and good quality. It has a wide range of use. According to the characteristics of the material, it can be dried by hot air or cold air, which has strong adaptability to materials.

The pressure spray congeal dryer is very simple and stable during the operation. The control of the whole equipment is convenient and easy to automate. The whole equipment is a device that can simultaneously perform drying and granulation. According to the process requirements, the pressure, flow rate and orifice size of the liquid pump can be adjusted to obtain the desired spherical particles in a certain proportion.

In the working process, the pressure spray cooling dryer inputs the high pressure input of the liquid through the diaphragm pump, sprays the mist droplets, and then flows down with the hot air. Most of the powder is collected by the bottom discharge port, and the exhaust gas is tiny. The powder is separated by a cyclone separator, and the exhaust gas is discharged by a suction fan. The powder is collected by a pollination cylinder located at the lower end of the cyclone separator, and the secondary dust removal device can also be equipped at the outlet of the fan, and the recovery rate is above 96-98%.

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