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Good quality and fire treatment of air stream drying equipment
Dec 20, 2018

The air stream drying equipment must be lubricated before it is put into use. When the equipment is put into use, it must be properly adjusted to supply sufficient high-quality steam to make the dryer fully capable.

Pay attention to the start and stop sequence when using. Before starting production, first open the steam valve, close the regulating valve, and then start the fan. As the air temperature in the pipeline increases, the valve is adjusted to make it in the production position. When the wind temperature in the pipeline reaches the required level, the feeder is started to feed. Look at the amount of moisture in the wet material and the level of the finished water to adjust the feed. When the machine is stopped, the order is reversed. Stop the feeder first. After the net material is observed, stop the fan and close the steam valve.


The air stream drying equipment needs to adjust the operated scraper centrifuge to a certain extent, and the moisture of the wet material can be made low and stable during the operation, and the feeder is uniformly fed. Pay attention to fire safety, and clean the dust around the dryer. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the workshop. Welding repairs must be shut down and fire prepared.


Airflow drying materials are all carried out in the pipeline. The drying time of the whole equipment is very short, so automation can be realized to a certain extent. The products are not directly in contact with the outside world, and to a certain extent, the pollution is small and the quality is good, the strength of the whole equipment. Large, airflow drying Because the gas flow rate is high, the particles are well dispersed in the gas phase, and the entire surface area of the particles can be used as the effective effective area for drying. Therefore, the dry effective area is greatly increased.

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