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Fluidized bed drying equipment operation process and airflow speed
Jun 27, 2018

The fluidized bed drying equipment will have high heat transfer and mass transfer rates during the operation. When it is used, the drying rate is high and the thermal efficiency is high. The structure of the entire equipment is compact and the cost of the basic investment is low, to a certain extent. Easy to operate and so on, so fluidized bed dryers are widely used in chemical, food, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, polymers and other industries.

The gas in the fluidized bed drying equipment will effectively pass through a particle bed. Such a bed will effectively exhibit its different state with the change of the gas flow velocity. When the flow velocity is low, the gas flow is only at rest. Particles flow through the gap, which is called a fixed bed. When the gas velocity increases to a certain value, all the particles are suspended by the rising gas flow. At this time, the force of the gas on the particles is balanced with the gravity of the particles. The bed is initially fluidized. At this time, the velocity of the gas is called For the minimum fluidization speed.

During the operation of the fluidized bed drying equipment, when the gas velocity exceeds this value and the particle velocity exceeds the terminal velocity (maximum fluidization velocity), the interface on the bed disappears and the entrainment phenomenon occurs. The solid particles follow the fluid. In the bed, this is the phenomenon of pneumatic transport of solid particles, or disperse phase fluidized bed.

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