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Flat Die Press Granulator Production Process Advantages and Working Principles
May 08, 2018

The flat die press granulator is one of the main production equipments for organic fertilizers. It is a fertilizer machine that has been repeatedly researched, improved, and carefully manufactured on the basis of advanced pelletizers. It has excellent technology and simple operation. , And designed a variety of models with different models, is the ideal processing machinery for fertilizer processing units.


Flat die press granulator is mainly designed for particle processing of organic fertilizer and aquaculture processing industry. The granular material processed by it has smooth surface and moderate hardness, and has a low temperature rise and can be compared during processing. It is good to keep the nutrients inside the raw materials.


In addition, it can also ensure that the particles are uniform in composition and shape, and the pore size of the particles can be divided into Φ2, Φ2.5, Φ3.5, Φ4, Φ5, Φ6, Φ7, Φ8 and so on. In addition, due to the low moisture content of the particles, they can be stored in the water for a longer period of time and greatly improve the utilization of materials.


The structure of the flat die press granulator is very simple. It includes several parts such as rollers, stencils, cutters, and motors. Usually, when it is in use, it is necessary to add hyperbolic gear oil to the gearbox before starting up; It is also necessary to install the flat-die roller compacting granulator smoothly, adjust the tightness of the belt and normal steering, check the looseness of the screws in each part, and loosen the loosening screw on the roller shaft seat, so that the machine is in a no-load condition and starts normally. Can be put into use.


When using a flat die to compact the granulator, you can take 10 pounds of grass powder or 2 pounds of sawdust fine sand and add vegetable oil or waste oil and stir; and screw the transfer screw to the gap between the roller and the platen at 0.1-0.3 mm , Make the two rollers the same speed, gradually adding the material with oil; squeeze the particles repeatedly squeezed, so that the film hole lubrication smooth and then slowly add the processing of the mixture to be processed.


Throughout the entire process, if it feels that the film die resistance of the flat die press granulator is large, the yield is low or no material is discharged, the membrane plate can be repeatedly ground according to the above method to make the film hole lubricated before processing; When there are more refined fibers, about 5% of water should be added. If there are more refined fibers in the mixed material, the amount of added water may be reduced as appropriate. This moisture will be lost during the extrusion process;


After the flat die crushing granulator is processed, the gapping screws shall be loosened so that the rollers are in a free state. After the machine is shut down, the upper and lower bins will be cleared of accumulated deposits, especially if the underside of the pan is left over to avoid damage to the bearings. Use ready.

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