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Filter cake structure and adaptability of Pulse Air Stream Dryer
Jul 12, 2018

The pulse airflow dryer is a dispersing fan when it is operated. It is very suitable for airflow drying of heat-sensitive materials when it is used. The high-speed spinning fan impeller can effectively dissolve its wet and even agglomerated materials. It is crushed until it is dispersed, stirred and mixed simultaneously in the dispersion process, and then the material and the hot gas flow flow in parallel.

The pulsed airflow dryer is very suitable for drying the filter cake structure to a certain extent. To a certain extent, it is a material that does not belong to its surface moisture. The equipment contains 40% of the proper amount, if the processing volume is large or the finished product requires dry to 15 When it is less than %, it can be dried by secondary air flow. When the moisture content of the material exceeds 40%, but ≤60%, the feeding is more difficult. The mixer should be used to reduce the feed moisture by mixing the dry material. At this time, the total output of the drying equipment is relatively high. A substantial decline is economically uneconomical. Therefore, the user should first reduce the feed moisture by mechanical means (centrifugal dewatering or pressure filtration) to ensure the smooth operation of the drying operation.

The heating method of the pulse airflow dryer should effectively select the airflow drying equipment on it, which will have greater adaptability when used. To a certain extent, the user can select the steam, electricity and heat transfer oil according to the conditions of the region. The hot blast stove is heated according to the heat resistance temperature of the material.

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