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Factors affecting the performance of double conical revolving vacuum dryer
Sep 27, 2018

Double conical revolving vacuum dryers generally guarantee high drying efficiency, but in the actual drying process, the effect obtained will be affected by some factors. For example, the condition of the material to be dried (material shape, size, stacking method), the moisture content, density, viscosity and other properties of the material itself will have a certain impact.


Moreover, during the drying process of the material, when the bulk density of the material changes, it also has some influence on the drying effect. Since the material is a mixture of the dry material and the moisture, the dry material is often in the form of granules or powder, and the gap between the particles of the dry material is different due to the difference in moisture content in the material. This will affect the drying effect of the double conical revolving vacuum dryer.


At the same time, the allowable temperature, viscosity and other indicators of the material will also have a certain impact. In addition, the higher the vacuum degree of the double-cone rotary vacuum dryer, the more favorable the vaporization of water at a lower temperature, but the high vacuum is not conducive to heat conduction, affecting the heating effect on the material. In order to improve the drying speed of the material, the degree of vacuum should be considered comprehensively according to the characteristics of the material.

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