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Excellent characteristics of continuous plate dryer
May 10, 2018

With its special structural design and performance, the continuous plate dryer has become a highly efficient and energy-saving conduction type continuous drying equipment. In contrast, the disc continuous dryer has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, simple configuration, convenient operation control, and good operating environment. It has been widely used in the drying operations of chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, feed, and agricultural and sideline products processing industries.


At the same time, it has been recognized and praised by many users in practical applications. Next we briefly introduce the main features of the continuous plate dryer::


1, easy control, strong applicability. When the user uses the device, according to the specific drying requirements, the drying process can be optimized by adjusting the thickness of the material layer of the disc type continuous dryer, the spindle speed, the number of the arm, the type and size of the cymbal blade. And each layer of the drying plate can be individually heated or cooled by entering the heating medium or the cooling medium, and the temperature control of the material is accurate and easy.


2, easy to operate, easy to grasp. It is very simple whether it is starting up or shutting down, etc. In the operation of the disc continuous dryer, after the feeding is stopped, the conveyed material scales can quickly empty the material in the dryer. Moreover, the staff can examine the sight glass of the door through special large specifications, and carefully clean and observe the inside of the equipment.


3, low energy consumption, energy efficient. Under normal circumstances, the disc-type continuous dryer can achieve a good drying effect. It mainly uses conductive heat for drying, which has high thermal efficiency and low energy consumption. And the use of this equipment can ensure the on-site operating environment, recoverable solvents, dust emissions meet the requirements.


4, continuous plate dryer is easy to install, take up less space. Under normal circumstances, the equipment is mainly manufactured as a whole, and the entire transportation requires only lifting in place, and the installation and positioning are very easy. In addition, the drying trays of the disc continuous dryer are arranged in a layered manner and installed vertically. Even though the drying area is large, the floor area is also small.

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