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Energy-saving performance of continual plate dryer and its applicable products
Aug 17, 2018

As a conductive drying device, the continual plate dryer is undoubtedly energy-saving. Its energy saving is mainly reflected in two aspects, namely the saving of heat energy and the saving of power consumption. Compared with convection drying devices, such drying equipment has extremely low heat loss, does not require or require a very small amount of hot air during the drying process, and does not discharge a large amount of hot air into the air, which is a major cause of thermal energy savings.


During the operation of the continual plate dryer, only the material moves with the rotation of the rake leaves, the power consumption is small, the system is less equipped, and the electric equipment is less, so the power consumption is very low. Compared to microwave drying, the power consumption is extremely low, and the disc continuous dryer is controllable in terms of radiation drying. Therefore, for loose materials, when the throughput is not very large, the tray continuous dryer is still the best choice.


The continual plate dryer has a wide range of applications, including organic chemical products, inorganic chemicals, medicines, food, feed, fertilizers, etc., such as polyvinyl chloride resin, polytetrafluoroethylene resin; light calcium carbonate, activated calcium carbonate ; cefotaxime, vitamin C; chocolate powder, starch, corn germ; potassium carbonate, biological potassium fertilizer; drying of food, seeds and other materials.

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