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Drying Process of High Speed Rotating Flash Dryer
Jun 13, 2018

High speed rotating flash dryer is a kind of drying equipment. It is mainly used to mix and crush the bulky wet material and ensure that the particles do not stay in the high temperature zone of the drying room for too long. Therefore, the stirring blade, the bottom of the chamber and the wall of the chamber should have a reasonable clearance. The rotational speed of the stirring should also be a reasonable choice.


The high speed rotating flash dryer is used to dry the moisture outside the material. The wet material is separated into the heated air stream through the drying air duct of the equipment. The drying takes place within a few seconds. Its scope of use is very extensive. The industries involved include food, chemical industry, minerals and polymers. The conforming material forms include powders, blocks, granules, flakes, pastes, gels and slurries. .


In the drying chamber of the high-speed rotary flash dryer, a grading ring and a swirling sheet are installed, and the material fineness and the final moisture are adjustable. Relative to other drying methods, it can effectively increase the specific gravity of the material. In addition, the gas velocity in the drying chamber is high and the material residence time is short, which effectively prevents the sticking of the material and the deterioration of the heat-sensitive material.


Due to the gas-solid two-phase rotation flow in the high-speed rotary flash dryer, and the inertia of the solid phase is greater than that of the gas phase, the relative velocity between the solid and gas phases is large, and the mass transfer heat transfer between the two phases is strengthened, thus fully demonstrating the high-speed spin flash The steam dryer has high production strength; in addition, it has the advantages of large production capacity, good product quality, high efficiency, and energy saving.


The emphasis is also on the anti-corrosion process of high-speed rotary flash dryers, some of which use ordinary carbon steel for electrostatic spraying of polyester resin powder coatings. Because of its toughness, durability, and good decorative properties, the powder coatings have excellent Outdoor weather resistance and heat resistance, so it is completely suitable for the corrosion of the dryer shell.


Some parts will use cold-rolled stainless steel plates, such as high-speed rotating flash dryer machine cover; electrostatic powder coating and phosphating - passivation process are also commonly used in high-speed rotary flash dryer commonly used anti-corrosion measures The effect is significant.

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