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Drying Process and Application Characteristics of Horizontal Fluidizing Drying Machine
May 11, 2018

The horizontal fluidizing drying machine belongs to an agitation type drier which uses fluid stirring and has a special structural design. In comparison, the horizontal fluidized dryer has a fast drying speed, a uniform temperature in the fluidized bed and easy control and adjustment, and the specific time is relatively easy to select. Thus, a dry material with a very low water content can be obtained.


With the development of the market, there are more and more types of horizontal fluidizing drying machine. Combined with the actual application situation, it can be divided into three major categories, namely: continuous, semi-continuous, intermittent production. The equipment can also be called a bubbling bed. Its drying chamber is a rectangular box type, and the bottom is a plenum chamber. The plenum chamber and the drying chamber are porous type air distribution plates. Usually, multiple vertical baffles are set in the drying room. The fluidized bed is divided into several chambers. Each partition can adjust the distance between the bottom and the screen plate up and down to make the drying time of the materials more uniform.


For example, when drying some powdered material, the material will be continuously added to the first chamber of the horizontal fluidizing drying machine under the action of a feeder. Since the material is in a fluidized state, it is free to move from the first chamber into the adjacent back chamber, and the dried product is discharged from the discharge opening of the last chamber.


Horizontal fluidized dryer characteristics can be summarized as follows: 1, the overall structure is simple, reliable performance, easy maintenance; 2, easy operation, long service life; 3, gas-solid two-phase contact uniformity, relative speed , Fast heat transfer, high thermal efficiency; 4, no rotating parts, vibration parts, equipment maintenance costs are low; 5, the heat-sensitive materials, can be used lower temperature drying, particles will not be destroyed.


For now, horizontal fluidized dryers are mainly used for the drying of granular, powdery, bulky and heat-sensitive materials with an average particle size of 50 to 5000 microns. Horizontal fluidized dryers have been widely used in chemical, mining, pharmaceutical, food, grain processing, feed, industrial and municipal sludge processing industries.

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