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Drying process and adjustment requirements of pressure spray dryer
Oct 15, 2018

The whole drying process of the pressure spray dryer is relatively rapid, and the powder can be directly dried to some extent. It is easier to change the drying conditions when using it, and the quality and standard of the product are adjusted because It is instantaneously evaporated, so the choice of materials in the equipment is relatively simple.


The pressure spray dryer has a certain negative pressure in the drying chamber, which ensures the hygiene in the whole production process. In order to avoid the dust from flying inside the workshop, the purity of the product is greatly improved.

Production is efficient, but there are fewer people operating.


The pressure spray dryer is relatively large in terms of production capacity, and the quality of its products is relatively high. The spray volume per hour can reach at least several hundred tons, which is a relatively large amount of drying equipment, and the spray dryer is adjusted throughout. The aspect is simple and can change the operating conditions in a large range.


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