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Drying materials and maintenance procedures for double tapered vacuum dryer
May 03, 2018

Double tapered vacuum dryer is a kind of drying equipment integrating mixing and drying, which includes condenser, vacuum pump, dryer and other supporting devices. The overall design is advanced, the internal structure is simple, the cleaning is easy, the materials can be completely discharged, and the operation is simple; Reduce labor intensity and improve the working environment.


At the same time, because the double tapered vacuum dryer container itself rotates, the material also rotates and no material accumulates on the wall. Therefore, the heat transfer coefficient is high, the drying rate is large, and not only energy is saved, but also the material is uniformly dried and the quality is good, and can be widely used. In the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dyes and other industries dry materials.


As long as it is used to dry powdery, granular materials in various industries, especially those that can not accept high temperature heat-sensitive materials; easily oxidized, hazardous materials; need to recover solvent and toxic gas materials; require low residual volatiles content Materials and materials that require crystal shape, etc.


The double tapered vacuum dryer is a double cone rotary tank. Under the vacuum state, the tank is heated by passing steam or hot water into the jacket. The heat is brought into contact with the wet materials through the inner wall of the tank, and the wet materials evaporate after absorbing heat. The water vapor is pumped through a vacuum pump via a vacuum pump. Because the inside of the tank is in a vacuum state, and the rotation of the tank makes the material continuously turn up and down inside and out, the drying speed of the material is accelerated, the drying efficiency is improved, and the uniform mixing and drying effect is achieved, and the mixing effect is similar to the V-type mixer.


When using the double cone vacuum dryer, maintenance procedures should be established. In addition to the general equipment maintenance rules, when the equipment is operated for the first time 10 hours, it should be fully inspected. If necessary, each joint must be tightened once; when adjusting the tension screw When tensioning the V-belt evenly, tighten the motor seat plate locking bolts to prevent loosening.


In addition, all parts of the double tapered vacuum dryer must be kept clean. In particular, the inner wall of the mixing vessel and the discharge hole in the discharge hole should be cleaned. When the equipment is not used for a long time, the inner wall and the discharge part should be coated with rust-proof grease. At the same time, it must be inspected regularly, and it should be regularly checked and repaired. When the vulnerable parts are damaged, they must be repaired and replaced in time.

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