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Drying characteristics of high speed rotary flash dryer
Sep 19, 2018

The high speed rotary flash dryer can be used to dry different materials. When the viscous material is dried, the lower part of the dryer has a pyramid structure with a crushing device and a flushing of the airflow to the wall, so that good results can be obtained. When drying the heat sensitive material, by virtue of the short drying time, the material and the hot air can be relatively high in speed and the hottest air is not in direct contact with the dry material.


Under normal circumstances, the high-speed rotary flash dryer is strong in the process of drying the material, and the material will be crushed, washed, collided, and the surface area is increased. The built-in material (swirl plate, ceramic ring or classifier) is set through the drying tower and coordinated with the inlet air temperature to effectively control the final moisture and the fineness of the finished product.


The high-speed rotary flash dryer is operated under micro pressure and uses different dust removal methods and dust removal materials according to different materials to eliminate environmental pollution. Depending on the material, the feeder and the discharger take different forms to achieve automatic, continuous feeding and smooth discharge requirements.

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