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Dissolution rate and uniformity of the pulverizer machine for spices
Oct 29, 2018

The pulverizer machine for spices can increase the dissolution rate of the active ingredient to a certain extent. At a certain temperature, the dissolution rate of the solid drug is proportional to the specific surface area of the solid, and the dissolution rate increases as the surface area increases. Increase the amount of active ingredient dissolved. Since the ultrafine pulverizer can pulverize various cells and various tissues of traditional Chinese medicine plants, the active ingredients can be fully dissolved, and the dissolution amount of the pieces and the coarse particles is significantly increased, so that the dosage can be greatly reduced compared with the conventional decoction pieces.

The spice pulverizer can improve the uniformity of the product, and the medicinal product can be pulverized by the ultrafine pulverizer, and the powder can be sufficiently mixed in the preparation of the traditional Chinese medicine compound preparation because the powder granule is small. In general, in the traditional Chinese medicine compound, the content of valuable or toxic Chinese medicine is less or less, and it is important to thoroughly mix the uniforms between the medicines.

The traditional Chinese medicine of the spice pulverizer will be used for direct oral administration after being pulverized by its ultrafine pulverizer, and it has no feeling of sand and has a feeling of being imported. If it is used for the preparation of external preparations, it is distributed evenly due to small pulverization, which contributes to the absorption and utilization of mucous membranes or skin.

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