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Correct operation of centrifugal spray drying equipment
Apr 24, 2018

Centrifugal spray drying equipment is one of the most widely used drying equipments. At the same time, it is also a drying equipment for treating solution, suspension or muddy materials. It can directly dry liquids into powders without complicated processes. This is also the most prominent. One of the advantages.


Centrifugal spray drying equipment is widely used in the chemical, light industry, food, and other industries due to its special advantages of a powdered product that can be directly obtained from a solution or a suspension system. The chemical industry is most widely used in the dye industry. . Only need to spray the material into a spray droplets dispersed in the hot air, the material will be in hot air cocurrent, countercurrent or mixed flow contact with each other, so that the rapid evaporation of water to achieve the purpose of drying.


Through comparison with other drying equipments, it was discovered that the use of centrifugal spray drying equipment can not only save unit operations such as concentration, filtration and crushing, shorten drying time, but also obtain granular products of 30-500 μm, so it is very suitable for Drying of easily dispersible materials in the process of concentration of highly heat-sensitive materials and liquids, the product has good fluidity and fast dissolvability.


In order to ensure the drying effect, before centrifugal spray drying equipment is used, various parts need to be inspected thoroughly, including each bearing of the equipment and insoluble seals; all mechanical parts are lubricated and water; parts are installed with sealing materials, and then they are connected; It is very important to check if the direction of rotation of the motor is correct; the outlet of the butterfly valve control valve is open.


Then adjust the tension control device and tool of the centrifugal spray drying equipment to ensure that it can work normally, and then open the centrifugal spray dryer tension control and the tool is normal. When the warm drying chamber and the cyclone exhaust valve are closed, they must be closed to prevent cold air in the drying chamber and reduce work efficiency.


The temperature and humidity of the final product in the centrifugal spray drying equipment depend on the air temperature, so during the operation of the equipment, it is very important to ensure that the temperature is constant, depending on the size and speed of the feed. In addition, the thermal softening point of the sensitive material is low, the exhaust gas temperature is too high, and the material is softened, thus requiring additional cooling of the air.

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