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Continuous Vacuum Plate Dryer Drying Process
Mar 08, 2018

The reason why the continuous vacuum plate dryer has drawn much attention because it occupies a large proportion of the machinery industry, as a highly efficient conduction type continuous drying equipment, it has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, easy regulation, strong applicability , Simple operation, small footprint and other characteristics, widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, feed, agricultural and sideline products processing industries such as the drying operation.


Under normal circumstances, the material of the continuous vacuum plate dryer carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium three kinds of material, and the specific model is more diverse, and can provide a variety of supporting equipment to meet the user The demand for drying of various materials.


Vacuum tray continuous dryer work, the wet material from the feeder continuously added to the upper dryer drying plate on the first layer, with a rake rake rake for rotary motion so that rake arm so that rake leaves continuous Copy the material, so that the material flow along the index spiral spiral plate surface.


Vacuum tray continuous dryer Small drying tray material is transferred to the outer edge, and in the outer edge of the bottom of the big dry disk outer edge; and in the large dry plate material is moved inward, and from the middle discharge port Fall below a small dry plate, so the size of the dry plate alternately arranged up and down, the material can be continuously flowing through the entire dryer.


At this time, the continuous vacuum plate dryer hollow drying plate into the heating medium has been dry material from the last layer of drying plate fell to the bottom of the shell, and finally rake leaves transferred to the discharge port discharge. The moisture overflows from the material and is discharged from the wetting port provided on the top cover. The moisture of the vacuum tray dryer is discharged from the vacuum pump port provided on the top cover. In other words, the dry material discharged from the bottom of the vacuum disk dryer can be packaged directly.

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