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Continuous Disc Dryer Function
Apr 26, 2018

There are many advantages in the function of the continuous disc dryer. The common industrial common is the multi-effect disc continuous dryer. It is mainly because it is easy to use, has strong performance and low energy consumption and is favored by many companies. The reason for highlighting these advantageous characteristics is also due to the design structure of the drying equipment itself. With the improvement of technology, the disc continuous dryer has added some new highlights in terms of function.


Due to the low energy consumption of the continuous disc dryer, the material layer is thin, the spindle speed is low, the power required for the material supply system is also very small, and the generated electricity consumption is small; the device is dried by conduction heat, so it is more dry than usual. The equipment has high thermal efficiency and low energy consumption.


In addition, the continuous disc dryer is very simple to start and stop. After the feeding is stopped, the conveyer scales can quickly empty the material in the dryer. In addition, the special size of the sight glass can be used to check the door mirror. The inside of the equipment is carefully cleaned and observed.


In addition, the drying process can be optimized by adjusting the parameters such as the thickness of the material layer, the spindle speed, the number of arms, and the size of the 耙-leaves in the disc continuous dryer. And each tray can be individually heated into a hot medium or cold medium, heating or cooling the material, the material temperature control is accurate and easy, the material residence time can be accurately adjusted, the entire device will become more and more adaptable.


Even for some relatively rare chemical materials can also play a very good role in drying, such as molybdenum powder. This is a kind of raw material commonly used in industrial metallurgical process. It is usually a raw material calcined by ammonium molybdate. In the specific use, some of the molybdenum powders need to be dried. This requires a continuous disc dryer. .


When using a continuous disc dryer to dry molybdenum powder, it is first necessary to consider the flatness of the disc surface. Now the bottom of the disc surface is reinforced with a flange to ensure the flatness of the plate. At the same time also consider the scraper on the equipment, to ensure that the material residue on the disk can be completely scraped clean; also do not ignore the uneven degree of the disk, you can press the outer edge of the market as a circular arc, small disk surface is suppressed as an arc, so that the disk surface is greatly The strengthening is also more smooth, and better prevents the material from turning over.

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