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Continual Plate Dryer Is Easy To Operate
Apr 12, 2018

The continual plate dryer can effectively adjust the thickness of the material layer, the number of the arm, the spindle speed, and the turbulent blade type, so that the disc continuous dryer can reach its best effect in the process of drying to some extent. .

Each layer of the drying disc of the continual plate dryer can be separately passed into the cold and the hot medium to a certain extent, and during the operation process, the material can be effectively cooled or heated, and the material can be precisely adjusted to a certain extent. Stay time.

Continual plate dryer is easy to operate

When the continual plate dryer runs, its material flow is single, no backmixing phenomenon occurs, dryness is uniform, and no mixing is needed. The whole device is very simple in the process of driving or parking.

The disc type continuous dryer stops the feeding and conveys the material scales to a certain extent. The leaves can quickly empty the material in the dryer. During the operation, it will pass through the sight glass of the door of the door with its special specifications. The inside of the equipment is carefully cleaned and observed.

Low energy consumption of continual plate dryer

The material layer of the disc continuous dryer is very thin, the spindle speed of the whole equipment is low, and the material conveying system needs less power and consumes less power, so that it can be conducted to a certain extent by conductive heat, with high thermal efficiency and energy consumption. low.

Disc type continuous dryer environmental protection

The continuous air drying speed of the disc continuous dryer is low, and the humidity inside the device is promulgated to be high and low, and the dust is difficult to float to the top of the device. Therefore, the exhaust gas discharged from the top exhaust port hardly contains dust.

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