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Configuration characteristics and design flow of screw extruding granulator
Sep 07, 2018

Screw extruding granulator is mainly used for filling, blending, modification, addition, chlorination, polypropylene and superabsorbent resin processing of rubber and engineering resins; degradation of masterbatch, polyamide polycondensation, polyurethane addition Extrusion of poly-reaction; and granulation of carbon powder, magnetic powder, insulating material for cable, sheath material, low-smoke halogen-free flame-retardant PVC cable material and preparation of various silane cross-linking materials.


The barrel and screw of the screw extruding granulator can be combined in different combinations as needed; and the temperature of the barrel is automatically controlled by electric heating and water cooling, and is equipped with forced feeding, vacuum exhausting and non-stop changing device. The screw extrusion granulator adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, AC motor drive or DC speed regulation, DC motor drive, which makes the deceleration and screw drive within the same box, and the external dimensions are compact.


The extrusion process of the screw extruding granulator is divided into three parts. In order to better complete the process, the state of the polymer changes during the extrusion process, and the truth and regularity of the transport and exhaust of the solid melt are established. A mathematical model of mathematics, soymilk is used to guide the design of the screw extrusion granulator and the optimization of the extrusion process.


It is necessary to clarify the true state of the physical state of the two or more polymers and materials during the extrusion process, the mixing morphology, the process of structural changes, and the relationship between the final mixture and the properties. In addition, the internal relationship between the reaction process, speed, performance, and screw configuration and operating conditions during extrusion reaction molding is also established to model the reaction.

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