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Composition and Principle of Stainless Steel Turbine Pulverizer
Mar 13, 2018

The stainless steel turbine pulverizer is a crusher that has been carefully designed and developed in combination with experience and actual conditions. The crusher is mainly applied to chemicals, dyes, additives, feed, food, medicine, sawdust, chemical fiber and non-metallic minerals. Shredder processing of low hardness materials.


The test confirmed that the fineness of the stainless steel turbine crusher can be adjusted between 30-150 meshes. At the same time, it also has the advantages of high output, fine grain size, low noise, low energy consumption, simple maintenance, and easy installation. Applicable to oil, viscous, heat-sensitive, fiber and other medium and low hardness materials smash processing.


Stainless steel turbine pulverizer is mainly assembled from parts such as casing, door, turbine, main shaft, screen, pulley and electric motor. When it rotates, the motor will drive the main shaft and turbine to rotate at high speed. When the material enters the cavity from the hopper, the material is tightly rubbed against the swirling airflow of the turbine and strongly impinges on the inner side of the turbine blade and is ground again in the gap between the blade and the grinding block.


While the stainless steel turbine crusher pulverizes the material, the turbine sucks in a large amount of air, which serves to cool the machine, grind the material, and convey the fine material. Under normal circumstances, the fineness of the material crushing of the stainless steel turbine crusher depends on the nature of the material and the size of the screen, as well as the throughput of the material and air.


Compared with traditional crushing equipment, stainless steel turbine pulverizer has the advantages of strong crushing capacity, low energy consumption, and relatively small fineness of the product. Moreover, the crushing space is large, and the high-strength wind pressure generated when the turbine is running can not only improve the production capacity. , reduce the phenomenon of excessive crushing, and can effectively avoid the deposition and clogging of the screen caused by the material in the crushing process.


Due to the enhanced shearing, the stainless steel turbine pulverizer has a higher comminution capacity for fibrous materials than general equipment; and its screen is easy to install, reliable in positioning, and the service life can be extended accordingly.

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