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Components and operation of the double tapered vacuum dryer
Nov 15, 2018

The double tapered vacuum dryer is the core of the vacuum drying system and also contains media heating and circulation, vacuum and solvent recovery components. The equipment consists mainly of a closed thermowell consisting of a container serving as a drying chamber, usually made of stainless steel or a special alloy to meet different production requirements.


Double-cone vacuum dryers can use any of several heat sources to provide heat media to the heat jacket, depending on temperature and specific requirements. In general, the hot jacket and media heating and circulation components and media must be properly specified. Flow and pressure want to match.


The double cone vacuum dryer includes a vacuum and solvent recovery assembly that runs from the dryer to the vacuum source, typically a vacuum pump, which reduces the air pressure in the dryer. The vacuum pump is mainly responsible for the degree of vacuum in the dryer. As long as the container is properly welded, the vacuum line is effectively sealed to the container. The most common type is a liquid ring vacuum pump.


The vapor is captured by a condensing system located between the vacuum pump and the dryer. The vapor system of the double cone vacuum dryer typically includes a preconcentrator and a condensing tank. The pre-condenser is cooled to condense the vapor, and the condensed water or solvent is collected in the condensate receiving tank, which removes the condensed water in the tank. This entails equipping the condensing system with a closed loop with a vacuum sealant arrangement.

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