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Commissioning of dryer equipment
Feb 02, 2018

The commissioning of equipment can be divided into three kinds: idling test, load test and precision test.

(1) Idling experiment: is in order to assess the maintenance of equipment installation accuracy, equipment stability, as well as transmission, manipulation, control, lubrication, hydraulic and other systems are normal, sensitive and reliable and other related parameters and performance in the absence of Beethoven running state. The empty load running for a certain time is an indispensable step for the new equipment to be used before it is put into use.

(2) The load test of the equipment: the test equipment is tested under several standard load conditions, and in some cases it is tested. In the load test, the temperature of the bearing should be inspected according to the standard, and whether the work of the hydraulic system, transmission, operation, control and safety is up to the factory standard, whether it is normal, safe and reliable. The test run under different load states is also the work that must be done in the running-in of the new equipment, and the quality of the running-in tests is very significant to the service life of the equipment.

(3) The accuracy of the experiment: the general should be in the load test, according to the specification, not only to check the accuracy of the equipment itself, but also to check the work (processing products) of precision. Most of the trials were carried out two months after the equipment was put into use.

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