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Classification and use advantages of fluidized bed drying equipment
Dec 26, 2018

Fluidized bed drying equipment, also known as bubbling bed dryers, is used primarily to dry wet materials using fluidization techniques. There are many types of fluidized bed dryers, which can be roughly divided into the following types: single-layer fluidized bed dryer, multi-layer fluidized bed dry machine, horizontal multi-chamber fluidized bed dryer, pulse fluidized bed dryer, Rotary quick dryer, vibrating fluidized bed dryer, centrifugal fluidized bed dryer and internal heat fluidized bed dryer.

Classification of fluidized bed drying equipment

(1) Suitable for granular materials.

(2) Applicable to paste materials.

(3) Applicable to materials with fluidity such as suspensions and solutions.

According to different operating conditions, it can be divided into two categories: continuous and intermittent.

According to the structural state, it can be divided into general fluidization type, stirred fluidization type, vibration fluidization type, pulse fluidization type and collision fluidization type.

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