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Characteristics and Application of Counter Gear Rolling Granulator
Apr 19, 2018

In the process of operating the counter gear rolling granulator, a pair of non-transmission gears is mainly used as its backlog working part. Its main principle is volumetric continuous compression extrusion granulation, and its material is adapted during operation. A wider range and higher particle strength.

The main features of the counter gear rolling granulator

1. The gear rolling and volumetric compression extruding material of the gear rolling granulator is more suitable for the material, so it is especially suitable for the granulation of thixotropic materials.

2. Built-in scraper makes the length of the particles consistent.

3. The moisture content of the granulation required for the granulation granulation machine is lower than that of screw extrusion granulation and the particle strength is higher.

Application scope of counter gear rolling granulator

Tooth rolling granulator is widely used in the process of application of additives, daily chemicals, catalysts, additives and pesticides and other products granulation.

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