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Basic selection and drying method of pulse air stream drying equipment
Feb 06, 2019

The pulse air stream drying equipment has a dispersing fan during the process of use, and is particularly suitable for the airflow drying operation of the heat sensitive material. The high speed flying swirling fan impeller can disintegrate the wet or even agglomerated material until dispersed. The mixture is stirred and mixed simultaneously in the dispersion process, and then the material and the hot gas flow flow in parallel.

Pulse air stream drying equipment This type of equipment is suitable for drying filter cake agglomerates, but materials that are not surface moisture, moisture content ≤ 40%, if the processing volume is large or the finished product requires dry to less than 15%, it can be used The secondary air stream is dry.

The complete supply of pulse airflow drying equipment and the free choice of heat source are basically composed of air filter, heater, feeder, drying pipe, fan and cyclone separator. Users can add dust collectors or other auxiliary equipment as needed.

The pulse airflow drying equipment is provided in a complete set. The heat source can be selected from steam heating or supporting coal, fuel oil, gas hot air furnace, and the like. Basic airflow drying equipment for loose, viscous, finished pellets and powders. This process is illustrated as a negative pressure airflow drying method that allows the user to select a positive pressure form depending on the product characteristics.

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