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Basic requirements for pre-entry inspection of continuous vacuum plate dryer
Jun 14, 2018

In the drying process of the continuous vacuum plate dryer, the wet material is added from the top of the dryer, and it will first fall on a small dry disc. The rotation of the cymbal arm will drive the tumbling leaves to stir the materials; meanwhile, the material will be moved toward the outer edge of the heating plate. , and at the outer edge falls into the outer edge of the large drying plate below.


Then, the continuous vacuum plate dryer pushes the material inwards, and the material falls into the inner edge of the next layer of the small drying plate at the inner edge of the large plate, and then is pushed by the lotus leaf to the outer edge. It is in this way that the size of the drying tray is alternately arranged above and below, the material is stirred by flipping the twilight leaves, and at the same time it can continuously flow through all the drying trays to obtain drying.


After drying in a continuous vacuum plate dryer, the material falls from the last layer of the drying tray to the bottom layer of the shell, and is finally transported to the discharge port by the lobe. Evaporated moisture escaping from the material exits from the moisture outlet provided on the top cover. In order to make the whole drying process smoother, the drying effect can be more ideal. Vacuum disc continuous drying machine must be strictly inspected before entering the market.


When the continuous vacuum plate dryer enters the market, the name, model, specification and quantity of the dryer shall be checked and accepted one by one according to the list. The basic requirement is that vacuum disc continuous dryers for the shipment of the whole machine should be inspected for quality and availability of shipments; and the self-assembled vacuum disc type continuous dryers for disassembling shipments should be installed on the assembly, components and random After the appearance inspection of the accessories and spare parts, the factory shall be organized as soon as possible to carry out necessary inspection tests.


In general, mechanical vacuum disc continuous dryers delivered by the factory are generally assembled, commissioned, and tested by the manufacturer at the factory. After passing the inspection, the order form is submitted for re-inspection. After the test is passed, To sign the acceptance. For the permanent or long-term disc dryer remodeling project, it should be tested according to the performance requirements of the original approved program, after a certain test of production practice and qualified for acceptance.


Another part is a self-made vacuum disc continuous drying machine, then such equipment needs to pass the test of the test syllabus after the 6-month production test, and it is not allowed to reduce the standard without authorization so as not to affect its application.

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