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Atomization mechanism of air stream spray dryer and its application range
Aug 24, 2018

Air stream spray dryers are widely used in small and medium-sized industries such as medicines, dyes, and plastics. Because of their large pore size, they are suitable for slurry materials containing coarse particles and thicker materials. The airflow spray dryer generates high-speed airflow in the atomizer through compressed air, and also achieves supersonic speed, which generates friction and shear force between the liquid and the airflow, and the liquid is drawn into a slender filament in an instant. Then, these liquid filaments are quickly broken at a fine place to form minute droplets, which are atomized.


The atomization mechanism of the air stream spray dryer is of three types, namely, droplet, filament and membrane splitting, and the airflow nozzle is generally membranously split, so the droplets are fine. In general, increasing the gas-liquid ratio results in finer droplets.


The main advantage of the air stream spray dryer is that the nozzle has a simple structure, low wear, is suitable for low viscosity or high viscosity materials, low operating pressure, and does not require a high pressure pump. Therefore, the application range of the equipment is more and more widely used in the chemical industry, such as drying white carbon black, barium sulfate, detergent, CR auxiliary, latex, water purifying agent, resin, basic chromium sulfate, aluminum oxide, titanium oxide. , kaolin, ferrite, talc, carbide, fertilizer, rot value acid, dyes, concrete admixtures, plastics, etc.


At the same time, it can also play a role in dairy industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, building materials industry, environmental protection and other fields. For milk powder, ice cream powder, Chinese and Western medicine powder, antibiotics, vitamins, protein powder, instant coffee, starch, spices, fruit and vegetable granules, The ceramic billet, the glaze, the ultrafine powder, and the like are dried.

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