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Application scope and working principle of horizontal fluidizing dryer
Apr 13, 2018

During the operation of the horizontal fluidizing dryer, its clean hot air is effectively distributed into its bed through its valve plate, and to a certain extent it will enter the wet material from the feeder into the boiling state of the hot air, Because of the extensive contact of hot air materials during use, the heat and mass transfer process can be enhanced to some extent.

Horizontal fluidizing dryer can be dried in a short time. The equipment will enter from one end of the bed, and it will go through boiling and drying within dozens of seconds to a few minutes during operation, and will flow out from the other side of the bed automatically. This equipment is generally operated under negative pressure.

Horizontal fluidizing dryer features

The horizontal boiling dryer can realize automatic production to a certain extent. The whole equipment is a continuous drying equipment. During the operation, the drying speed is very fast and the temperature is low, so that the quality of the product can be effectively guaranteed.

Application range of horizontal fluidizing dryer

Horizontal boiling dryers are widely used in food, food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemical raw materials, health food, beverage granules, plastic resins, citric acid and other industries.

Horizontal boiling dryer works

When the horizontal boiling drying machine is in operation, its air is effectively heated and purified, and when it is operated, the induced draft fan is introduced from the lower part and passes through the hole net plate of the hopper. In the working chamber, the fluidization is formed by stirring and negative pressure. After the moisture evaporates quickly, the material is quickly dried as the exhaust gas is carried away.

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