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Application range of pressure spray congeal dryer
Mar 20, 2018

Pressure spray congeal dryer is mainly used pressure atomizer in the process of use, in the operation is mainly through the pressure of the diaphragm pump to atomize the solution or slurry material into fine droplets, so that The surface area can be made significantly larger.

The pressure spray congeal dryer can quickly dry after undergoing sufficient heat exchange with hot air, so that the equipment for powder or fine-grained products can be dried quickly, and is suitable for heat-sensitive materials when it is operated. The resulting product is Spherical particles.

The pressure spray congeal dryer has a wide range of applications, so that hot air drying, granulation, cooling granulation, spray crystallization, spray reaction, etc. can be carried out to a certain extent, and fine powder can be sent back to a certain extent. Rewetting agglomeration system meets the user's requirements for particle size.

Pressure spray drying granulator is very simple and stable in the process of operation, equipment control is convenient, to a certain extent, easy to achieve automated operations, product size, bulk density, water powder can be adjusted within a certain range of applications: food, Medicines, dyes, ceramics, biochemicals, pesticides, plastics, etc. are suitable for liquids with corresponding fluidity.

The air separation device of the pressure spray congeal dryer mainly uses its multiple air conditioning dampers, so that the air flow entering the tower can be ensured to be vertically downward, without biased flow and no eddy current. This minimizes dust hanging.

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