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Application advantages of high speed rotating dryer
Mar 23, 2018

The high speed rotating dryer has boldly adopted advanced foreign technology in the process of production. It has combined the actual conditions of domestic drying to a certain extent. In a certain degree, the utility model patents developed and designed in-house are produced. The hot air is generated from the bottom of the host. The air inlet enters the flash tower tangentially and forms a spiral-shaped rising high-speed swirling airflow in the main tower. At the same time, the size of the bottom ring gap is adjusted according to different material properties, so that the wind speed is in an optimal and appropriate state.

The material of the high speed rotating dryer will directly enter the drying tower through its screw feeder. Under the impact and driving of the high-speed airflow, it will quickly disperse and rotate with the airflow at a high speed. It is relatively large and humid. Particles, high-speed airflow is not enough to make it broken and high-speed rotation, then gradually fall under the force of gravity, when it falls to the bottom of the host when the crushing device is set on the bottom forced crushing and micronized, and then with the high-speed airflow together to complete the rotation Drying process.

In order to make the final moisture of the material reach a very low level during operation, the high-speed rotary flash dryer does not directly affect the quality of the product due to the fluctuation of its initial moisture. A grading ring is set inside the drying tower. To a certain extent, a relatively stable fluidized bed is formed, and the classifying ring also plays a role in ensuring the residence time and grading necessary for drying.

Application advantages of high speed rotating dryer

1. Can deal with paste, filter cake and other materials; because it is flashing, instantaneous completion of drying, can be used to handle heat-sensitive materials; there is a stirrer in the drying room, while drying in high-speed air, can handle the viscous material.

2. With low energy consumption per unit of product, high-speed rotary flash dryers can dry high-solids materials at higher temperatures, which is lower than many other drying equipment. Compared with spray drying equipment, the same volume, the drying capacity is 2 times that of spray drying, and the energy consumption is 1/3 of spray drying.

3. The product has high yield and good quality. Taking dry %&acid as an example, the use of flash dryer can increase the yield by 5%, and the particle size is uniform and the water content is small.

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