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Airflow spray dryer features and operation flexibility
Jan 24, 2019

The airflow spray dryer is highly automated and flexible (it can control the particle size of the finished product). It is especially suitable for solutions, emulsions, pastes, suspensions and even viscous materials. Particularly suitable for medium or experimental scale drying of materials.


Airflow spray dryer features

1. The drying time of the airflow spray dryer takes only 10 to 30 seconds. Due to the short drying time, the product can maintain a uniform fine particle shape (the product has good dispersibility, fluidity and solubility).

2. The airflow spray dryer is flexible in operation, and can change the operating conditions within a certain range for the grain, bulk, moisture and product properties (excluding dust, fluidity, wettability and instant solubility) of the product. Adjustments are made and control management is convenient.

3. For paste materials with large viscosity, the paste material works very well.

4. The quality of the finished product is good. Can retain the color, aroma, taste, and other biological activities of the material; the moisture content of the final product

5. The nozzle structure is simple (the cost of the atomization system is only 1/3 of the pressure type, 1/5 of the centrifugal type), the possibility of clogging is small, the one-time input cost is low, and the later use cost is also low.

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