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Airflow Drying Machine Features and Applications
Apr 25, 2018

The airflow drying machine is a drying device that uses hot air as a drying medium. When it enters the equipment, it will rapidly impinge on the material and mix with the material in an instant, thereby maximizing the contact area between the material fluidization and air and thus quickly Evaporation of water, gas-solid two-phase dust separation products.


At present, the airflow drying machine is used more often. It adds a thicker buffer tube on the basis of the straight tube air dryer. The purpose is to increase the relative motion process of the gas-solid two phases, thereby increasing the drying rate. Satisfy the drying of filter cake materials with little or no stickiness.


The material usually needs to be mechanically dehydrated before it is dried by the air dryer, so that better drying efficiency can be obtained and the drying time can be shortened. The air dryer can be designed as a blast system, inducer system, and drum inducer system based on process requirements. The blower can double as a diffuser. In the drum induced draft fan system, the fan can be infinitely variable by the frequency converter, and the “0 pressure” of the system can be accurately controlled at the inlet or at the air leakage location of the cyclone separator.


In a variety of drying equipment, the airflow drying machine's processing capacity is the largest, its evaporation capacity from 50kg/h-1500kg/h, while the equipment volume is small, investment is less than other drying equipment. Air drying materials are all in the pipeline, and the drying time is very short, so it can be automated. The product does not come into contact with the outside world. The pollution is small and the quality is good.


Due to the high gas velocity, the particles disperse well in the gas phase, so the airflow dryer can use the total surface area of the particles as the effective area for drying. Therefore, the drying effective area is greatly increased. At the same time, due to the dispersion and agitation during drying, the vaporized surface is continuously renewed. Therefore, the dry heat transfer and mass transfer processes have greater strength.


The air dryer uses the gas-solid phase cocurrent operation, and in the surface gasification phase, the material is always in the wet bulb temperature of the gas with which it is connected, generally does not exceed 60~65°C, and the temperature of the material rises at the end of the drying stage. Has been greatly reduced, the product temperature will not exceed 70 ~ 90 °C. Therefore, high-temperature gases can be used, and the equipment can also be used for various powdery materials.

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