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Air Stream Spray Drying Machine Work Efficiency and Moisture Evaporation
Apr 03, 2018

Air stream spray drying machine can use suspensions, solutions, emulsions, etc. during the operation. After the air passes through the filter and the heating device, the hot air distributor can effectively enter the top of the drying chamber.

The airflow spray dryer effectively enters the drying chamber evenly through the hot air from the hot air distributor, and spirals to a certain extent. During the process of operation, it effectively sends the liquid to the top of the drying chamber. Centrifugal spray head, the material liquid is atomized into tiny mist droplets, so that the surface area of the feed liquid and hot air contact greatly increased, the water quickly evaporates, forming a dry product in a very short time.

Air stream spray drying machines not only create good conditions for their own development, but also drive the development of many industries at the same time, such as domestic dairy industry, ceramics industry, dye chemical industry, medical and pharmaceutical industry, etc. The development provided good conditions.

Although the air stream spray drying machine has a high degree of work efficiency to a certain extent, it needs to grasp some tips in the process of use, so as to further enhance its working efficiency, we will use an air spray dryer equipment. For example, let's explain briefly. How to improve the working efficiency of the device can be mainly considered in the following three aspects.

1. The air-flow spray dryer can properly increase the liquid-solid content of the air spray dryer equipment during operation.

2. We can properly increase the inlet temperature of the device while properly lowering its outlet temperature. However, there is a need to pay attention to this issue when it comes to drying sensitive sensitive heat-sensitive substances.

3. Raise its feed temperature to improve the working efficiency of the equipment.

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