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Air stream spray drying equipment work efficiency improvement technology
Nov 01, 2018

The air stream spray drying equipment can atomize the liquid material into fine mist droplets through the nozzle, contact with the heat medium in the drying tower, and be dried to become a thermal process of the powder. The feed can be a solution, a suspension or a paste. The atomization can be achieved by a rotary atomizer, a pressure atomizing nozzle and a gas flow atomizing nozzle. The operating conditions and drying equipment can be designed according to the desired drying of the product. Characteristics and specifications of the powder.


Air stream spray drying equipment not only creates good conditions for its own development, but also drives the development of many industries, such as the development of domestic dairy industry, dye chemical industry, medical and pharmaceutical industry, ceramic industry and new energy. conditions of. When the equipment is working, the main features are high work efficiency, good drying effect, easy packaging, and easy to carry.


Although the device is already very efficient, we also need to master some tips when using it, which can further improve its efficiency. Firstly, the solid content of the liquid in the air stream spray drying equipment can be appropriately increased; at the same time, the inlet temperature of the equipment is appropriately raised, and the outlet temperature thereof is appropriately lowered. However, there is a problem to be paid attention to at this time, that is, when drying sensitive sensitive materials, it is necessary to pay more attention; there is also an increase in the temperature of the liquid in the air spray drying equipment, thereby improving the working efficiency of the equipment.

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