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Air Stream Spray Drying Equipment Advantages and Efficiency Improvement Methods
Apr 20, 2018

The difference between the air stream spray drying equipment and other dryers is that the liquid material is atomized into fine mist-like droplets through the nozzle, and is contacted with the thermal medium in the drying tower and dried into a powder. The spray spray drying equipment has a wide range of applications. Its feed can be a solution, a suspension or a paste. The atomization can be achieved by a rotary atomizer, a pressure atomizing nozzle and an airflow atomizing nozzle. The operating conditions and design of the drying equipment can be selected according to the desired drying characteristics of the product and the specifications of the powder.


The working principle of the air stream spray drying equipment is that air enters the hot air distributor at the top of the drying chamber after passing through the filter and the heating device, and the hot air passing through the hot air distributor uniformly enters the drying chamber and flows spirally. At the same time, the feed liquid is sent to the centrifugal spray head installed on the top of the drying chamber. The feed liquid is atomized into tiny droplets of mist, so that the surface area of the feed liquid and the hot air is greatly increased, and moisture evaporates rapidly in an extremely short time. A dry product is formed inside.


The promotion of air stream spray drying equipment not only creates good conditions for its own development, but also drives the development of many industries, such as the development of domestic dairy products, dyestuffs, medical and pharmaceutical industries, ceramics, and new energy. Good conditions.


With the advantages of airflow spray drying equipment, it has been widely used in many fields, when compared with the production of blood globulin powder. After the action of the airflow spray drying equipment, not only the quality of the product is guaranteed, but also the drying speed is fast, the time is short, and the instant drying is characterized, which greatly simplifies the production steps and realizes industrialized production.


Although the air stream spray drying equipment has a high work efficiency, we can further improve its work efficiency by using some small skills when using it. For example, we can also properly increase the liquid-solid content of air spray drying equipment; or the inlet temperature, while appropriately lowering its outlet temperature, but pay more attention when drying sensitive sensitive materials; If it can improve the liquid temperature of spray drying equipment, it can also promote the improvement of its working efficiency.

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