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Air Stream Spray Dryer Operation and Maintenance Procedures and Precautions
Jun 05, 2018

Air stream spray dryer is a very commonly used drying equipment. For it, good spray dryer operation must not only ensure normal product production, but also extend the service life of the dryer and reduce the production cost. Therefore, correct operation of the spray dryer and enhanced maintenance are necessary.


If the air stream spray dryer is operated for a long time or if it is operated improperly, it will affect its overall production effect. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically stop the radial inspection, maintenance and cleaning of the equipment. When cleaning, the bottom of the funnel-shaped aggregate of the cleaning door should be opened, the outlet valve opened, the circulating water opened, and the airflow spray dryer rinsed with tap water.


Secondly, the necessary inspection and maintenance of the airflow spray dryer is mainly aimed at the filters, pipes, valves, nozzles, etc., to see if there is any blockage, regular cleaning, and check whether the spray nozzle of the airflow spray dryer is worn, and if necessary, correct replacement of zero is required. part.


When the air stream spray dryer is operated at 600H, the feed pump should check for leaks, normal pressure, and normal oil level. There is also a cooling spray system on the air spray dryer to check if the shaft and bearings are hot, there is no vibration, noise, etc. If necessary, clean the tubing, oil pump, and three filter nozzles.


In case of emergency, the air spray dryer must be turned off immediately. Generally, the fan is turned off and the cold water pump is turned off. If there is a sudden power outage, the unit should be allowed to cool naturally, then the drain valve should be opened, the drain pipe fed, and the equipment cleaned.


In short, we must not only operate the air stream spray dryer in strict accordance with the specifications during normal use, but also perform regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that the air spray dryer always maintains a good working condition in order to achieve an ideal drying effect.

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